Before Their Modern Replacements We Were Perfectly Happy Using These 12 Things

Remember popping popcorn the old-fashioned way? How about handing your dad his lunchbox and thermos before he went out the door? Before the latest gadgets we used these things and were very content to do so! Things sure have changed and the fact we so rarely use these things anymore is proof of that. Have a look at the things we used before their modern equivalent knocked them out of the way.

1) Thermoses

Via/ Library of Congress

Before travel mugs, we used thermoses. They kept things hot for a lot longer than the mugs most people use today. And they never spilled!

2) Making Popcorn

Via/ Flickr

Before microwave popcorn we used a pan or a popcorn popper. Sometimes we even had Jiffy Pop! There’s nothing quite like homemade popcorn with real butter drizzled over the top!

3) Rabbit Ears

Via/ Flickr

Without rabbit ears we wouldn’t have had any reception! Before streaming and cable boxes, this was all we had to help get a show. And we watched the shows when they were broadcast!

4) Hot Water Bottles

Via/ Flickr

Before electric blankets and central air, we used hot water bottles to keep warm on winter nights. And who can forget being handed one when you weren’t feeling well?

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