Beauty Products So Good They’ve Hardly Changed Over the Past Century

Clay Face Masks

They were used thousands of years ago in India and Egypt and clay face masks remain one of the cheapest and simplest beauty treatments known to us.

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Noxzema Cream

Cold creams go back thousands of years, but this particular favorite was introduced in 1914. Noxzema cream has been sold as a remedy for colds, sunburn, and finally as the face cleanser most of us are familiar with. The cobalt blue jar is a signature touch that instantly takes us back.

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Boar Bristle Hairbrushes

Many of the natural bristle brushes you find in stores today are part synthetic, part boar, but they still work very well. The natural bristles help to distribute the oils from the top down to the ends of the hair. The science behind this old tool hasn’t changed since it was first used, either!

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